Meet the Staff of Serendipity Designs.

At Serendipity Designs, we are dedicated to bringing style to your SL. We are a design firm comprised of three designers; Kyra Ishtari, Harleybeth28 Amoufhaz and beccarose Collazo. Each of us bring a different style viewpoint to the table, offering you a varied selection of tastes and choices.

Kyra Ishtari

Kyra Ishtari, Owner & Designer, Serendipity Designs

Kyra Ishtari, specializes in homes, with a true love affair with rustic log cabin living. She also builds tiki homes and more traditional spaces. Recently venturing into furniture building, she is now offering homes that come either fully or partially furnished. Her viewpoint is that, in SL, why not live your fantasies? The bigger the better, as far as she is concerned, when it comes to lavishly sprawling estate style homes with in ground swimmable pools and outbuildings/gazebos for entertaining and family time.
Kyra is also an experienced sim designer specializing in terraforming and landscaping. She loves the pacific and southeast Asian feeling that can be achieved on a sim and goes out of her way to accomplish a vision of finer living in Second Life as well as the Mountainous feel of the Colorado Rockies with a log cabin nestled on the shores of an Alpine lake.
And, if you’re in need of profile morphs, by all means, contact her for an appointment! She’ll proudly provide you with a link to her Flickr Stream! 

Harleybeth28 Amoufhaz

Harleybeth28 Amoufhaz, General Manager, Serendipity Designs

Harleybeth28 Amoufhaz is an experienced builder in SL as well. She specializes in clocks and lighting and is bringing in a wide variety of items that appeal to many. She has been creating fantastic party and event invitations for some time and does custom work that will please virtually anyone in SL by taking the steps to really bring a customer’s wants and needs into play in ways that will surprise you!
Harley is also our General Manager and is an organizational powerhouse bringing in Hunt traffic to our sim and organizing our very first Serendipity Hunt. She can fill you in on any service the company is able to provide and will happily schedule appointments and get you involved in a hunt!

beccarose Collazo

Beccarose Collazo, Designer, Serendipity Designs

Beccarose Collazo is our furniture guru! She has been building SL kitchens and furniture for some time now and is super creative with a unique sense of style that will appeal to many tastes. She’s recently started venturing into house building and even gone so far as to create a pretty spot on copy of an iconic television show’s family home; The Southfork Ranch, from the TV show Dallas!

Becca also has a the unique ability to serve our Gorean clientele, having spent a great deal of time there and knowing the wants and needs of the Gorean perspective. She has several Gorean items available in world at our store and will gladly take on custom jobs for those having difficulty finding what they need.

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Serendipity Designs of Second Life

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Serendipity is the act of…

Serendipity is defined as an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.


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